Media Education Research Centre is a vibrant and self-motivated department, teamed up with professionals having high motivation, enthusiasm, experience and media industry exposure that can endeavour to prepare students for media as well as academia. 

The transition from traditional media to digital media is changing the entire media landscape, and there is a need not only to impart digital media knowledge to the students of journalism but also to ensure that every effort is made to keep up with the fast changing face of technological development.

In these changing times, the challenge becomes huge for anyone to head MERC. My humble mission would endeavor to bring about progress and development to this department such that it becomes an epitome of excellence. My effort would be to make the department more vibrant and allow our students to get thorough brush with the realities of their profession. Mass media students have to take a proactive approach towards the deluge of information generated from the internet. They also have to be cautious in terms of ethics and ensure that truth does not become a causality ever. Media in these new orbits, naturally, becomes challenging for the teachers too, and they need to keep pace with the changing patterns that emerge each day.

My endeavor would be to provide students not only the state-of-the-art facilities to excel in different fields of media but also to bring them face-to-face with the challenging realities of this profession. 

Being its alumnus, I will try to provide a new direction to MERC by enhancing the enthusiasm and skills of both the faculty as well as the students, ensuring that alongwith the infrastructural availability, they also get enough hands-on exposure that will place them at par with the best in the field.

Dr Aaliya Ahmed
Head Of Department