To make good on the promises that MERC makes to its students through its syllabi, it would be my  constant endeavour to deliver quality education both in the class rooms and outside of them.


A continuous process of  equipment upgradation and other academic initiatives will be pursued to prepare the students for the challenges that the new media environment will throw at them once they graduate.


To bring up the syllabi in tune with modern times, New Age Media genres and disciplines of the Mass Media are being continuously re-visited. Jettisoning the old baggage and adding on fresh, innovative perspectives into the class rooms and lecture halls is new dynamics at MERC.


To make MERC a vibrant, dynamic and thriving learning institution, I would always be open to ideas from

Industry luminaries and our alumni whom we shall always remain proud of.


 I promise, I will always walk an extra mile.


And I will not walk alone.



Mr. Faruq Masudi